With an Eka Club Membership
you get access to its
84 world-class affiliated
National and International Clubs.

Process for bookings :-

All room bookings or enquiries are to be made directly with the Reciprocal Club by providing the valid Eka Club Membership Number at the time of booking. Booking email to the Reciprocal club must include the following details :

  • Name of Member
  • Membership Number
  • Booking Requirements (no. of rooms)
  • Booking Dates
  • Once the booking has been confirmed, the member will receive a booking confirmation via email from the Reciprocal Club. The Reciprocal Club will also mark a copy of this mail to EKA on
  • The Member must share this letter via email to or physically hand it over to the Front Office. Against such confirmation, Eka Club will issue an authority letter to the member which the member must carry in physical form along with the Eka Membership Card when they visit the Reciprocal Club.Please Note: Members will not be able to avail of reciprocal services if they do not produce the letter and membership card on arrival at reciprocal club.
  • Terms & Conditions :• Terms of use for Reciprocal Members may differ from Club to Club – please refer to individual Club rules at time of booking.
  • All Rules & Regulations of each individual club will be applicable.
  • Only primary members and registered family members can avail of reciprocal facilities. No Guests allowed.
  • All payments will have to be settled directly with the reciprocal club.

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