1. Vegetable Dalia

Due to its dietary fiber and protein content you can call it Hindustani super food.
(100 gram wheat dalia = 79 gram carbs, 11 gram protein, 1 gram fat)

2. Upma

This is made out of Semolina, so people with gluten problem can eat this easily.
(100 gram semolina = 73 gram carbs, 13 gram protein, 1 gram fat)

3. Thepla

Made with whole wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, turmeric powder have it with bowl of curd which will increase protein content and simultaneously will lower its Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load.

4. Sprout Salad

You can have it as healthy snack or side dish. It has good amount of dietary fiber and proteins.
(100 gram sprout = 6 gram carbs, 3 gram protein, 0.5 gram fats)

5. Poha

Good source of carbohydrates, Protein and Fats just add lemon and peanuts, spread some coconut and have it with curd for good kick start of day.
(30 gram dry poha = 40 gram carbs, 4 gram protein, 1 gram fat)

6. Paneer Burji

fulfilling Protein requirement for Vegetarian is difficult task. Paneer is great choice for this. Make paratha, wrap rolls or use it in salad.
(100 gram paneer = 1.2 gram carbs, 18 gram protein, 21 gram fats)

7. Oats

Oats are rich in Proteins and fibers. You can make masala oat, can put it in milk and nuts to start a healthy day.
(50 gram oats = 33 gram carbs, 9 gram protein, 3.5 gram fats)

8. Multigrain Paratha

you can mix different combinations of attas (wheat/soya/jawar/ragi etc) and put any stuffing from Paneer, vegetables, egg, chicken etc for healthy start of the day.

9. Besan Cheela/ Besan Omlet

Gram flour or Besan is a good source of Protein for vegetarian. You can eat it with Chapati, whole wheat bread etc.
(50 gram besan = 30 gram carbs, 11 gram protein, 3.5 gram fats)

10. Idli Sambar

Good combination of different lentils, idli is good option to start your day. This will give you all macro nutrients, like carbohydrate, protein and fats.
(1 idli = 4 gram carbs, 2 gram protein, 2 gram fats)

Try to add different seeds in the food like Chia seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds which will give you Omega 3 fatty acid which is anti inflammatory and good for Heart.