1. About the Promoters ?

EKA Club is a TransStadia initiative promoted by the Sheth Family.
TransStadia is a 360° sports company with interests in Sports Infrastructure, Sports Technologies, Sports Academies, Sports Advisory, Intellectual Properties & Rights Management. It was incorporated in 2008, with a belief that India can emerge amongst the global frontrunners in the field of sport, which would be done by making sports accessible to all.
TransStadia forays successfully into Sport, Leisure, Wellness, Entertainment & Lifestyle to revolutionize sportainment.

2. Is it a Government run club ?

The EKA is a privately held and managed club and will be maintained and operated by the company for the entire span of 70 years.

Please get in touch with us on 079 2537 0099 or 079 2537 0000, for details on memberships.

1. Is the membership transferable in the event of a member’s death ?

The Primary Member at the time of becoming a member will be required to give names of up to 4 nominees (immediate family members – 3 children + spouse), who can continue to be members under such circumstances. However, this benefit will not be available to children above 21 years of age during the period under consideration.

2. Will the member be charged for utilizing the facilities of the club ?

A nominal charge will be applied for certain sports facilities that include consumables. Eka Club has options for the Fixed usage charges for the year also.

3. Will the restaurants offer a discounted rate to members ?

The restaurant spaces available in the club premises will be exclusively for the club members and significantly lower than market rates.

4. Will the members be able to use the stadium area ?

The main football field will be selectively available for football and training purpose. But members can excess for the morning walk and activities incase the pitch is not being occupied for any sports event.

5. What will be the charges for guests accompanying a member to use the club facilities ?

As a standard practice, a nominal fee will be charged for members guests.

6. What are the benefits of enrolling as a member ?

Membership will give you access to one of the top clubs in the country with world class facilities. It will be a good investment for your family’s health and will probably be a gently appreciating asset as well. It will also be a great place for you to socialize with likeminded individuals and help in expanding your network. Members can avail of special discounted rates for banquets, room bookings, sports coaching, etc.

The Eka club is accessed by the elite community of Ahmedabad and NRIs thus making it a safe & hygienic place for the women and children.

7. Will the membership be transferable ?

There are options available for the non transferable memberships also. For full details contact +91-25370000

8. Are there any checks being made on who can join the club ?

Yes, there will be a Membership Committee composed of Founder Members, Owner Representatives and Club Management. Personal references will be taken up and interviews will be scheduled, whenever necessary.

9. Are there any Affiliated Club benefits that a Member is entitled to ?

Please see the AFFILIATIONS TAB in the menu for more details on the list of clubs and process to avail the benefits.

10. When are monthly subscriptions due ?

The subscriptions fall due on the first day of the month. Members whose dues are not paid up by the due date will not be permitted to use the clubs facilities.

11. Are members given signing rights ?

Members are allowed to sign on their account as long as their account is up to date.


1. What are the facilities being offered at the club ?

Please refer to website for all the details of the club’s sports, wellness & leisure facilities.

2. What is the date of commencement of operations ?

Oct 2016

3. When will the hotel be ready ?

The construction of the hotel is planned in the second phase, after the club is ready.

4. Will there be separate restaurants serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food ?

Yes with separate cooking sections for veg and non-veg. Please refer to the dining section in the Leisure tab for more info on the restaurants.

5. Will the general public be able to rent the banquet areas ?

Yes, however, members will be offered a preferred rate on bookings.

6. How many rooms does the club have ?

The Eka club is having 14 rooms as of now and plans are underway to build full-fledged hotel in the club premises with approximately 100 rooms.

7. How many vehicles is a member permitted to register ? Are there any fees for parking ?

Each club member is permitted to register 2 vehicles free of charge. No vehicle is allowed to be parked for more than 8 hours. Night parking of vehicles is not allowed unless staying in the rooms.

8. What is the size of EKA Club ?

The club facilities are close to half a million square feet! Large enough to accommodate facilities for all your needs, a prerequisite to becoming a great club.

9. Will member’s guests be permitted to attend events organized by the Club ?

Yes, however, since we would like to ensure great service – a cap on number of guests each member can bring will be introduced.

10. Will there be a priority on sale of tickets for events (such as football, concerts, etc.) to members ?

Yes there will be priority on sale of tickets to our members for all events at The Arena.

11. What are the facilities for member’s children ?

The club will provide exceptional facilities and activities for children of all ages. The Children’s Play Area includes a Toddlers’ area, workstations equipped with computers, an interactive screen, scribbling wall and kid’s library. Additionally, a calendar of activity programs is created for the children.

12. Are any convenience stores being planned ?

50,000 sq. ft. of retail has been planned and zoned to cater to complete convenience.

13. What about Wi-Fi & Smoking Zones ?

Wi-Fi will be available in select areas of the club for our members. The club is completely smoke free other than certain areas that have been designated as smoking areas.

14. Will pets be allowed ?


15. What are the operating hours of the club ?

Club operates from 06.00 am till 09 .00 pm as on date due to pandemic guidelines. The normal operating hours are from morning
Sports & Gym – 06.00 am – 10.00 pm
Restaurants – 07.00 am – 11.00 pm
Coffee shop – 10.00 am to 12.30 am midnight

16. What is the club’s policy on maids / supervisors of children ?

They will be permitted to bring the children under their care as long as they are registered with a valid Guardian Card. However, they will not be permitted to use the facility like a member.


1. What sports are available in the indoor multi-purpose sports hall ?

The indoor multi-purpose sports hall can be used to play Futsal (Indoor / 5 a side Football), Volleyball, Badminton & Basketball.

2. Will sports camps be conducted at the sports hall ?

Yes. Interested members can join the sports coaching programs conducted by TransStadia Academies for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels

3. Will there be professional coaching available ?

Yes. Interested members can join the sports coaching programs conducted by TransStadia Academies for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels

4. Will the coaching facilities be open to general public ?

Yes, but only for select sports. Limited spaces will be on offer and priority on enrolment will be given to club members. Members will also be offered a preferred rate on coaching facilities. Further, we will ensure that the coaching facilities do not cause any inconvenience to members

5. Will there be specific timings for members and guests to use the pool areas ?

Mon – Fri – 6:00 am to 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sat – Sun – 6:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Morning Shift : No entry allowed after 10:15 am on weekdays and 11:15 am on weekends
Evening Shift : No entry allowed after 8:15 pm (Same on all days)

6. Will there be professional swimming coaching classes ?

Yes. Interested members can join the coaching programs conducted by TransStadia Academies for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels

7. Will the children have a separate swimming pool ?

Yes there is a separate temperature controlled pool for children.

8. Will there be personal trainers available for members ?


9. Do members have to pay extra for getting a personal trainer ?

Yes, an extra fee will be charged for a dedicated personal trainer.

10. Does the club have a nutritionist, physiotherapist and diet planner ?

The TSPE (TransStadia Sports Performance Enhancement Centre) is a state-of-the-art sports science, medical & rehab centre with strength & conditioning and nutritional planning facilities. For more details login to our website www.transstadiaspe.com

11. Are there changing rooms available ?

The changing rooms are conveniently located near the BTC and the swimming pool area.

12. Will the BTC (gym) be open to the general public ?


13. What are the parking arrangements for the BTC (gym) members ?

BTC (gym) users can use the basement parking lot.

14. Does the club have any in-house nutritionist to assist the members playing various sports ?

Yes. The TSPE (TransStadia Sports Performance Enhancement Centre) is a state-of-the-art sports science, medical & rehab centre with strength & conditioning and nutritional planning facilities.www.transstadiaspe.com

15. Will there be any inter club or other competitions taking place at the club ?


16. Have flood lights been provided for, to enable use of outdoor sports facilities at night ?


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