As EKA opens doors to its state of the art tennis courts, here are a few reasons why tennis is the best sport for all fitness fanatics

1. Get those muscular legs –

unlike monotonous gym workouts, tennis is a great opportunity for a full body workout in a fun and fresh environment.

2. A happier life –

tennis not only helps keep you fit but also stimulates your mind like no other game. The best tennis players are confident strong, healthy and stress free.

3. Makes a great date –

aren’t you bored of the routine candle lit dinners? Spice up your relationship this season with a kick of adrenaline. Engage in a sporty evening filled with lots of flirtatious fun and fitness.

4. Keeps your heart healthy –

playing tennis is like making a thousand mini sprints. It helps increase your heart rate and promotes high energy levels preventing the body from the risk of several heart diseases.

5. Make a new friend –

did you know tennis is one of the most social sports? Whether you are an amateur or a professional it is always fun playing with a friend and socializing before and after the game. Run by the court every evening and make your very own tennis buddy to burn off the daily calories with.

6. Girls, here’s another opportunity to pull off a hot new outfit –

ever see Maria Sharapova and wonder when you will get to wear those trendy tennis skirts? Work on that muscular toned body in those gorgeous outfits while playing a tennis match this season.

7. The best stress buster –

had a frustrating day at work? So mad that you want to punch someone? Hit the ball as hard as you can on the court that evening and vent out all the anger.

8. Improves bone health –

tennis is not only good for the muscles but also great for the bones. As one ages bone mass decreases and sports like tennis help build strong bones and precautions for such damages.

9. It’s played in every continent –

no need to worry about missing out on your work out regime whist on a holiday. Most resorts, small or big, all have their own tennis courts for tourists to use.

10. It’s a sport you can play your whole life –

ever look at an old uncle and wonder how he’s still so fit? You never know, he may be a tennis player. Unlike other sports, tennis is a game playable and enjoyable at all ages. It’s a habit that will last you a lifetime.
Don’t forget to check out our recently inaugurated tennis courts at EKA! Click for Facebook Images

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